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M&K Solicitors


Whether defending your professional or personal interests from a claim, or pursuing a claim against another party, our experienced litigation team will advise you on all the options, guide you through the process and look to find an effective resolution that achieves your aims.

Sometimes, it may not be possible to resolve a matter through alternative dispute resolution – and in such cases, we will take swift action to protect our client’s professional or personal client’s interests. We offer the best representation for any court action.

At M&K Solicitors we recognise that each client and the solutions they require are unique, and we always adapt our approach to meet our client’s objectives. There are many ways to resolve a dispute, whether through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation, we will handle your dispute with absolute integrity and professionalism.

Disputes can concern anything from unpaid bills or unfulfilled contract terms to problems between landlords and tenants, infringement of IP rights, construction-related claims, the liabilities of insurers, shipping cases, defective products, professional negligence … the list is endless.

Gather evidence and witnesses to support the client’s position; develop case strategies.

Advise claimants on whether they have a valid claim, and defendants on whether to settle or fight a claim made against them

Issue court proceedings or embark on a process of alternative dispute resolution if correspondence with the opposition does not produce a satisfactory result.

Represent clients at pre-trial hearings and case management conferences.

Attend conferences with barristers and brief them to conduct advocacy in hearings, trials and arbitrations.

Attend trials, arbitrations and mediations with clients; provide assistance to barristers.

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