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M&K Solicitors represent drivers, vehicle passengers, bus users, pedestrians, motorcyclists, cyclists and equestrians injured as a result of the negligence of others on the roads.

We have a proven track record in obtaining the highest possible levels of settlement for those injured on our roads, in a timely and efficient manner.

We act on behalf of clients who have sustained brain injuries, amputation, spinal injuries, whiplash, cuts and scarring and psychiatric damage as a result of having been involved in a road accident. We also act on behalf of the families of those that, unfortunately, have died as a result of their injuries.

We obtain compensation for our clients for the injuries suffered and also for the financial losses arising as a result of a road accident.

Financial losses related to a vehicle involved in a road accident may include the loss of the value of the vehicle damaged, repair costs, insurance excess and car hire charges.

Financial losses related to the injury suffered in the accident may include loss of earnings, the cost of care and the cost of medical treatment and rehabilitation. For equestrians the claim for financial loss may well include fees for the treatment of their horse and the cost of replacement of saddles/tack.

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