I have been a client of M&K Solicitors for six years. While I have been with this firm of solicitors I have always had good results particularly if it involves the Home Office.
The firm are very good at what they do with all their services, they have good customer service, a professional approach and as a firm they are always encouraging clients.

Wi Ebikhum – June 2017

Permanent Residency

I applied for my permanent residency from M&K Solicitors. I found these solicitors to be the best in assisting with me with my matter. I was very comfortable with the solicitors they give good advice and assure you throughout the matter. They are highly qualified and always give the best advice to assist with our needs. My case was successful with M&K Solicitors for the price they charge and the service they provide. I am happy with this firm overall and would recommend M&K Solicitors to anyone who has any immigration issues.

AH Sohail – June 2017

Hey Guys my name is John from East London and I am here to testify through the job that I gave to M&K Solicitors.
For the application I was told by Umar Rehman that I would need to wait for up to six months. I received my response within four months. My case was successful within four months thank to M&K Solicitors. The job was done exceptionally well through this firm of solicitors.

EE (FM) Application – June 2017

I went to many law firms and no one was willing to take on my husband’s case. It was a difficult case, when I met Ashrat Khan, she re-assured me and told me should take the case on.
I am very grateful to Ashrat and Liam Doyle, M&K solicitors took the case on and got me great results I cannot thank them enough.

AJ – June 2017

M and k solicitors have helped me since 2016. Unfortunately I had no right to be in the UK and was detained. M&K Solicitors helped me whilst I was in detention and eventually got me the right to work in the UK legally.
My case was resolved in a year, I am happy with the team at M&K Solicitors they are very understanding they listen to your needs and are always willing to help.
I will defiantly recommend this firm is solid all my friends and family.
I am very ungrateful to my family for putting me on touch with these solicitors. They are the best solicitors in town.

V PARLLAKU – June 2017

Permanent Residence

Thank you M&K Solicitors. Especially Abdul Parker who helped me, he worked hard on my case. Ashrat first advised me with confidence. I am so happy I now have permanent residence.
Thank you Ashrat, Safeena, Abdul and the team at M&K Solicitors.

Kofi Konadu – June 2017

EEA Application

Extremely happy with the firm of solicitors.
They are highly dedicated and professional.

Z Khan – July 2017

EA Dependency

These solicitors are angles in disguise for me. They assisted me from the refusal though to the appeal. There was many occasions where I was broken and had given up hope. I was encouraged by Miss Ashrat Khan. Thanks to Miss Khan my appeal was successful, in no time.
I appreciate all the hard work from the team.
God was on my side. God bless Miss Ashrat Khan, she truly a god sent for us.

Yaw Adade – July 2017


M&K Solicitors are the best. I am completely satisfied with their service.

Hennak – July 2017

EA Residence Card

I had great service from M&K Solicitors. I am happy that I was able to work with you guys. Thank you so much. All the best

July 2017

Settlement Application

M&K Solicitors are the of the best immigration solicitors in the UK. They have a fantastic team who are ready to listen and give you the best advice on earth.
Their charges are also reasonable and I rate M&K Solicitors as 5 stars.
I love their services, try them and you will sleep comfortably as I am going to start from tonight.
Thank you

JB – July 2017

European application

I am really happy with the services provided by M&K Solicitors. I would like to thank Ashrat and Zahira who assisted me on many occasions with the case.
I am very happy as I have been granted a visa.

Z Mehmood – July 2017

Family Residence

I was referred to M&K Solicitors by my friends. I live in Leicester and felt I had nothing to lose by coming to the M&K.
I was seen by Miss Bushra Khan who had advised me accordingly and reassured me. My case was then handled by Umar Rehman.
Umar Rehman kept in contact with me, always spoke to me keeping me up to date with my matter.
The firm have really helped me, thanks to them I am now able to go back home to India and see my mother who I have not seen in 10 years.
I can honestly say that it was a good choice that I made by coming to see them.
Thank you M&K Solicitors

A Singh – July 2017

European application

I am really happy with the services provided by M&K Solicitors. I would like to thank Ashrat and Zahira who assisted me on many occasions with the case.
I am very happy as I have been granted a visa.

Z Mehmood – July 2017

Wife’s application

I have been a client of Mr Saleem Malik for many years. He has always assisted me in my immigration matters. I am more than happy with the services provided my M&K Solicitors.

I would recommend M&K Solicitors for all your immigration needs. They assisted me and now they assisted with my wife’s application.

Thank you

Bajur – July 2017

Further Leave to Remain

I am so happy with M&K Solicitors. They are the best in immigration, thanks to them my husband got his visa. The service they provide is very good, highly qualified team. My husband’s application was not a straight forward case, thanks to them they overcame all the barriers and made it happen for us. My family and I are very happy thanks to M&K Solicitors. Thank you

Rashpal Singh – July 2017

Further Leave to Remain

Thank you to Mr Juber Ahmed who worked on my case at M&K Solicitors. Mr Ahmed put in a lot of hard work in my case we are very grateful to him.
Thank you M&K Solicitors for all your assistance.

Mirlana Xhebexhia – July 2017

European Application

I would like to thank all the staff at M&K Solicitors they are very professional. I am pleased with the service

Waseem – August 2017

Further representation

Before we came to M&K solicitors, we were very worried as the Home Office left me and my partner very confused as to what we had to do and what documents we had to provide. However we were saved by Zahira Razaq as she made all our worries disappear. Our case was taken on by pure determination and our issue was resolved. We put our complete faith in Zahira. In the future we will definitely be returning to M&K solicitors to have Zahira assist us. On behalf of me and my partner we thank you dearly for a bright and simpler future. We thank you from the heart.

Mohamed Chentouf – August 2017

European Application

Thank you for everything, I am so happy with the services especially Mr Juber Ahmed. He has been brilliant throughout, he has helped me an assisted me and my family in all our immigration matters. We are very grateful and I highly recommended everyone to use M&K Solicitors.

Mr Hussain – August 2017

Leave to remain

After years of going through different law firms and lawyers, we were introduced to M&K Solicitors by my cousin. M&K Solicitors took our case knowing how difficult and complicated it was, they told us to have faith and it will all work out. Umar Rehman worked on our case, he was brilliant. We have been with M&K Solicitors since we first entered the UK and I will definitely recommend them to my friends and family. I know they will always go onwards and upwards to ensure people like us who had difficulties are happy in the future. All the best.

Amie Kolleh Jammeh – August 2017


I was recommended to use the family department at M&K Solicitors. I am happy I came to use this firm of solicitors.
They assisted me with my case from beginning to end.

Thank you

DA – September 2017

Leave to Remain

I have been with M&K Solicitors for 7 years. They have always assisted me in immigration matters.
I would recommend this firm of solicitors to everyone. They will do all the hard work for you.
I would like to thank the whole team.

Ruth – October 2017

Leave to Remain

I am very happy with M&K Solicitors they are a friendly team of solicitors.
I would like to thank Ashrat khan and Salina Islam for dealing with my case. My case has been successful thanks to this firm of solicitors.

OA – October 2017

Leave to Remain

M&K Solicitors have done a fantastic job which we thought would be impossible. M&K Solicitors made it possible we are more than happy with their service and friendly environment, they have been brilliant.

Thank you

GK -October 2017

Permanent Residence

M&K Solicitors have been assisting me with my immigration matter.

I am very happy with my result.

thank you


KA – October 2017

Permanent Residence

I am very happy with M&K Solicitors.

Salina was my case worker, she has done a remarkable job for me.

I would recommend M&K Solicitors to my family and friends.

Yaw Oppong – October 2017

Indefinite Leave To Remain

I am extremely happy with the receiving my visa. I had faced many difficulties, Safeena and Zahira guided me and assured me at all stages of my case.

Words cannot describe my appreciation and happiness.

Thank you

AJ – February 2018

Indefinite Leave to Remain

I am so pleased with the services rendered by M&K Solicitors. They took there time to listen to my issues prior to applying for my ILR. A special thanks to Salina Islam for a professional approach in completing the application form and always assuring me that everything will be fine.

Thank you

SS  – February 2018

Family Appeal

I have had a good experience here with this firm of solicitors. Staff were really helpful at all times.

Shamilah dealt with my case. She  was very thorough throughout the matter. i was always informed of the progress.

Thank You

AD – February 2018

Leave To Remain

The services are great and they very honest.

I am very happy with the outcome.

Thank you

MO – February 2018

Leave  To Remain

I am happy with the result i have achieved through M&K Solicitors. My case worker Umar Rehman was very efficient. I am grateful to everyone at M&K Solicitors. Thanks to them my dreams have come true.

Thank you

BN – February 2018

Further Leave To Remain

M&K Solicitors provided us with essential advice in securing our visa. Without their guidance and support, my partner could well have been extradited and our small family destroyed.

We are eternally grateful in M&K Solicitors providing us with a successful visa application.

Thank you

NN – March 2018

EEA Appeal

We first applied for a visa in 2013, with many difficulties that came our way we finally received our visa in March 2018.

We cannot thank M&K Solicitors enough. Ashrat Khan has always supported us. The team at M&K solicitors have been brilliant and we would like to thank Mr Liam Doyle in particular.

M&K Solicitors have changed our lives for the better.

Thank you

UA & TA – April 2018

Five Years Residence Card As A Family Member Of European National

I am very happy and will recommend this firm of solicitors to my friends and family.

Thank you to Umar Rehman, Ashrat Khan and the team at M&K Solicitors.

They provide a professional service at all times.

Thank You

NA – April 2017



Residence Card

Thank you to all at M & K Solicitors for what they have done for us.

Both me and my partner were supported and encouraged by the team at M & K Solicitors throughout the whole process.

Thank you

IP – May 2018

Further Leave To Remain

We are extremely happy with the service M&K Solicitors have provided. Ashrat and Umar Rehman have been professional and efficient throughout the matter. The whole process was handled with ease.
We would recommend this firm to others.

Thank you

MS – May 2018

Further Leave To Remain

The firm provides a very good service and the staff are friendly.

All the credit goes to Umer Rehman who has been dealing with my case. He is a kind caring individual who always kept me informed regarding my matter.

I would recommend M&K Solicitors to all my friends and family.

Thank you

MF – June 2018